I think most actors would agree that regardless of how an audition goes, if you leave that room feeling like you've done all you could to prepare, then you've done your due diligence. Not only is Dana thorough in helping you prepare for an audition, but she's warm, charismatic, and will get you out of your comfort zone. For me, she created a safe atmosphere where I could be open and creative, and most importantly, she suggested ways to play the character that I hadn't thought of. Of all the investments that go into an acting career, Dana is worth every penny!  

-Lindsay Jade

Dana is extremely smart, her EQ is as high as her IQ. This combination turns her script analysis into ammunition for remarkable performances. her depth of experience shows in her coaching style and i would recommend her to anyone. She has coached me for both T.v. and feature film roles.


 -Randolph adams

Dana is fiercely intelligent, witty and succinct in both her writing and her work as a stand up comic, and that shines through in her coaching style. She took my existing set and helped me to physicalize my jokes, adding depth and energy to my stage presence. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in making their work funnier, from a beginner who wants to learn the fundamentals of joke writing, to established comics who'd like a fresh set of eyes on their material or help wording a tricky punchline.


-Marissa Wynne 

I have been living and working in Los Angeles for many years and throughout all of them I have continually been on the lookout for an audition coach I trust and one that works in a logical, "no-bullshit" kind of way. She gets straight to the point, allows you to bring into focus the areas that are most troublesome for you and does it all in a way that gets you out of your head and into the story and the role rather than how it "should" look.  with that new focus, I now go into rooms much more confidently and without that constant voice in my head that asks "did I prepare well enough, long enough, right enough".  I know exactly where I'm going with the material after working with dana and can stand on that confidence going into any room with any audience now.  Can not recommend this gem highly enough!  Love me some DS!


-Shi Ne Nielson

I try to work with Dana for every audition because I know it gives me the best chance to succeed and she is an amazing acting coach! She is very specific and grounds her process in story. I always feel calm and confident at my auditions after working with Dana because I know I am totally prepared.

-Jeff Pride

Dana is caring, insightful and inspiring. Her approach to the audition process is incredibly refreshing and really helped me get a unique perspective on some of the roles I was going out for. She is a hidden gem in LA!


-josh mobijohn 

As a writer and actor, Dana is everything I could ever want in a coach. She has helped elevate my auditions by urging me to take risks and think differently while always remaining grounded in story. Every time we coach, I leave having discovered something valuable about the character that I otherwise wouldn't have. I am confident when I walk into an audition room now and as I continue to work with Dana, I continue to book work. As a writer, it's challenging to find an objective set of eyes to give productive and honest feedback on a script. Dana's understanding of structure, story and character has made her my go-to for fresh ideas, constructive criticism, and guidance on how to move forward with my writing. I have worked with many coaches in Los Angeles looking for the right fit... Now that I've found Dana, I'm happy to say the search is over!

-Chloe stearns

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